Get More People to Visit Your Website

Having a relevant, up-to-date website is the first step, getting it seen is next.  Have you googled "churches in my area" to see where your church shows up in the results? We want to help you be there for those in your community when they are searching.

When someone in your local area searches for words or phrases relating to God, looking for a church, or wanting prayer, put your church website at the top of the page with SermonView's Google Ads Program.  Your church will be assigned a Marketing Coordinator that understands Google Adwords for churches, and will craft a campaign that reaches those looking for specific ministries offered by your church.

We take a two-pronged approach that is designed to get you maximum benefit throughout the year.


1. Ads related to your brand.

When people are looking for a church and inquire about yours, you are left at the mercy of Google's organic search to determine how you site is advertised. However, with a well-crafted, paid campaign you can control how you are seen and increase conversion.

2. General church keywords.

We'll make sure that your church is showing up at the top of the page and getting noticed every time someone in your area is interested in visiting a church. We know which keywords are the strongest and how to keep your costs down.

It's the right program to make your website the first point of contact when someone's heart is ready.