Why you need to use squeeze pages in your marketing efforts.

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At SermonView, we use squeeze pages all the time (in fact, you’ve probably landed on one before). We don’t just use them for our own marketing but for our customer’s marketing efforts too. Each squeeze page we build to help you reach your community whether it is for events, Bible study leads, or prayer request forms on your church website, guides each visitor to take the next small step, which is to provide you with their contact information and in doing so, become your next lead to follow up with.

So, what makes it a “squeeze” page? Here are the basic elements of creating a good squeeze page:

Squeeze pages are designed with a single objective in mind: to acquire user information.

A good squeeze page should communicate the value proposition quickly and efficiently, allowing your visitors to understand exactly what it is they are signing up for within just a few seconds. If your messaging isn’t succinct, you are likely to cause friction and reduce the number of people who fill out your form.

Squeeze pages are simple and free from any distractions.

They focus primarily on capturing your lead’s information. This means there are generally no external links or other pages to navigate to, keeping the visitor focused on the call to action on the page. You’ll often see short forms rather than longer ones that don’t ask for too much, have the least amount of required fields, and are easy to fill out. This helps reduce friction and encourages the lead to fill out the form and click submit.

Most importantly, squeeze pages should offer something of value

They should be offering something in return for the user’s contact information. This could be trading contact information to receive a free Bible study, an offer for prayer, or registration for an upcoming event at your church. The key is to motivate people to share their information and ask for contact information that makes sense for the delivery of your offer.

Here’s a sample squeeze page we use for our Bible study lead program, LeadGenerator. Notice there aren’t any other links, it’s clear what we are asking the lead to do, and the form fields make sense for the offer delivery.

So that is a squeeze page, but where do the forms go? We’re glad you asked!

Every lead you receive from one of SermonView’ squeeze pages automatically flows directly into your church’s free InterestTracker account. It’s our goal to make it easy for your whole team to track exactly where each person came from, and how they want to interact with you so you can start making connections immediately.

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(Yes, it’s a squeeze page.)