Screenshot of content questionnaire

New Content Questionnaire!

Luci PetersonChurch Websites

This week we released a new Content Questionnaire for new website orders. The questionnaire features:

  • A complete redesign with on-page navigation and a one-page system (rather than a progression of four steps). You can now see all of the information you will need for your questionnaire with a quick scan of a single page.
  • More instructions, information and resources to help you complete your questionnaire (including a Dropbox file upload and a link to a sample site).
  • Save & Continue. You can now save your progress if you are unable to complete the form in a single sitting and want to finish it at a later time.
  • More intuitive question flow. Related questions are now grouped logically.
  • More content fields! You can now personalize your new website even more with additional content fields that we have added to the form.

Unfortunately we’ve had to discontinue form re-dos or the ability to submit more than one form, as we were getting too many duplicate entries, but if you really need to make a correction to something you will have plenty of time to do that during your 30-day website review period.

Thank you for all your previous feedback about the Content Questionnaire, which has allowed us to create a better customer experience going forward. We hope you enjoy the new features!

— The SermonView Crew