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Create a List of YouTube Playlists on any Page

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**Optional Step: If you would like each post on your list to have an image to identify it, go back to your WordPress Dashboard and choose “Posts” from the lefthand navigation menu.  Find one of the posts you created and click “Edit”.  In the options panel on the right side of your screen, click on “Set featured image”.  You can now choose an image from your Media library or upload a new image to add to the post.  Once you …

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Standard Plug-Ins

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These plug-ins come standard with our Premium Evangelism Website product.  This article will explain what each one is, why it is included, and how it affects your website. Breeze This plug-in speeds up your website’s performance.  This has been included for the convenience of your site’s visitors.  If you remove or change this plug-in, it may affect the speed and reliability of your site. Feeds for YouTube Pro Developer This plug-in allows your site to automatically pull in videos from …

Webinar: Effective Church Websites

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Turning Your Church Website into a Powerful Evangelistic Tool A couple of months ago, my daughter and I visited a college in Tennessee. She’s a high school junior and worship leader at our church, so we like to get out and visit other churches whenever we can and experience other church cultures. On this trip we were there all weekend, so we decided I would pick the church to attend on Sabbath morning, then she would pick a church to …

5 Questions Your Church Website Must Answer

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Over 50% of church attendees say that a church’s website is important in picking that church for a visit. Your website is the online welcome mat for the community, so it’s not enough to simply have a website for your church. It needs to speak to your guests, those you want to attract through the doors of your church. There are 3 things your church website must do to be most effective: Reflect your culture. The design of your website, …

Laura’s Story

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Laura’s life was changed because of my church’s website. For real! Let me explain. Four years ago, Laura1 moved to town. She grew up Adventist but had gotten disconnected from church moving around as a young adult. Some time after her move, she decided to connect with a spiritual community, so she searched “Bible study near me” on Google. My church website has a page showing our Bible study groups, and it showed up on the search results. One thing …